Private Classes

Whether you’re a new yogi looking to gain confidence, an ongoing practitioner who wants to delve a little deeper, or someone for whom the usual class schedule just doesn’t work – one-to-one classes are a lovely option.

Step One:

The first time we hold private space together, we will spend 30 minutes in conversation and then one hour in practice. We can split these two sessions if the timing doesn’t work, but the practice cannot precede the consultation.

The conversation will centre around you, your practice and where you want to go with it. This is an informal chat, please don’t worry about not knowing the ‘right words’ or any yoga terms. This is just to get us both on the same page and will allow me to better tailor practices to you.

I have conducted private classes that are all about postures, either increasing flexibility or strength. I’ve also conducted one-to-one sessions where we extended meditation practices and spoke about philosophy. And we can find the blend that works best for your interest.

It’s also essential for me to know about any medical issues or injuries that might be relevant to the practice.

Step Two:

After our consultation and first session, it’s time for me to get to work.

Depending on where you’ve indicated you would like to take your practice, I will create customised practices to suit your needs and level. This will not only include postures, but relevant information about anatomy, yogic philosophy, breathwork and meditation techniques.

Yoga is a therapy. Every element is designed to cleanse the body or the mind. We’ll be putting together what works best for you.

Step Three:

I do not suggest more than two private classes per week. The reason for this is that there can be a lot of information shared during our time together and both body and mind need time to process.

Yoga is not a practice to rush, it’s a lifelong journey and we want to be set up with the right information to make that journey safely.

After our initial consultation and 60 minute class, if you feel connected to my teaching style, we can set up regular practice times that work for you.

I provide all mats, blocks, straps and blankets!


Usually, private classes take place in the practitioner’s home. This allows for a couple of things, firstly, you are in a comfortable, familiar space. This is so important, particularly for a new yogi. Secondly, it sets up realistic scenarios for home practice – sometimes it can be hard to translate yoga from the studio to the home. Finally, practicing in the home makes the experience much more personal. It can remove some of the preconceptions we have about yoga practice and allow us to be ourselves.

One-to-one classes can take place in studios or other spaces but usually an extra charge is involved for this, due to room rental.

I am available for home lessons in Sligo and surrounding areas. Further afield, get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

Go Private: Rates

Initial consultation and subsequent 60 minute session – € 70

Single class: 75min class – €50

Class-pack: eight 75min classes – €320 (saving €80) – only available after the initial consultation is complete –

Private yoga classes as a gift? How kind of you!

Gift your favourite blossoming yogi to their initial consultation plus six classes (75mins) – €300 (saving €70)

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