the breakdown…

It is my goal as a teacher to make classes as inclusive and accessible as possible. With that goal in mind, I offer drop-in, student classes and by donation classes. I also offer five-class passes for many of my classes (location dependent) – you can see which ones in my schedule.


Perfect for those with varying schedules or who just want to try out a class. You can drop-in to any of my classes, but I’d always recommend sending an email first to ensure there is a mat free for you ( – I hate disappointing anyone! For regular classes, a drop-in is €10, payable when you arrive to the class.

Six-Class Pass

Tried Mid-week Release and skipped ’til Friday? Or got #HighlyMeditated and are into the zen? Want to make it part of your weekly routine? Then this is the way to go. These passes are good for six classes within a sixty-day period, so you have some wiggle-room if your schedule is in flux. Six classes for €50 – a saving of about 20%. YAY!

Monthly Unlimited

Just can’t get enough? Tried and loved all the Sligo town classes? Then why choose? We love no-limits yoga! So we offer our monthly unlimited pass. For thirty days you can flow, meditate and learn, as often as you’d like, for just €90.

By Donation

Yoga is for everybody. Every. Body. ‘By donation’ classes are offered to allow any who may want to practice, to do so. Donate what you are able. There is nobody checking donation amount, nor is your payment noted anywhere. I simply collect the total at the end of class. I do ask that donations don’t exceed €10 and thank you so much for your generosity.