My Classes, Explained

Whether you’re a regular practitioner of a complete newbie yogi, it’s nice to know what you’re getting into when you sign up for a class. Every teacher is different and we all have our own interpretation and method of sharing our love for this journey.

So below you’ll find a brief explanation of what I aim to offer in each of my classes. I’ve worked on creating informative, safe classes that facilitate your ability to live and move consciously. You can see when and where I’m offering classes here.


Hatha Flow

The perfect release. Whether you’ve spent the day on your feet or sitting in at a desk, the body becomes contracted and compressed. This flow is designed to increase circulation and give some juicy release to the legs, hips, spine and shoulders. Hatha is the style that all others evolved from. Classes tend to be a little slower, with holds to encourage release. A combination of breathwork, stretching and strengthening postures leave the body feeling relieved, restored and energised. A real treat for the nervous system.

Intro of Yoga

The essentials. The basics. The building blocks. This class is all about setting you up for success in your practice. Beginning with some Hatha body-opening techniques (pawanmuktasana series) we will introduce the core poses of the Sun Salutation series (surya namaskar). Focus is on building your confidence as a practitioner – because yoga really IS for everyone! Alignment, breath and explanation of common yoga phrases are all covered giving you a strong, safe base as a practitioner.

Yoga for Students

Designed to give students the physical and mental release they need after hours of mental work, sitting at desks. This post-school session has two aims. Firstly, to release and restore the body and mind – holding space for you to check in with yourself, to draw the gaze inwards and experience essential mental quiet. The practice is designed to leave you feeling mentally and physically energetic and refreshed. Secondly, these classes aim to give mindfulness tools that can be carried forward through life, beyond school, beyond exams. The ability to quiet the mind, to soothe the nervous system and to develop ownership over our actions and reactions.

Highly Meditated

Breathwork to calm the body. Meditation to focus and soothe the mind. Yog nidra for total relaxation. This is a gorgeous combination. So few of us ever experience true relaxation. Relaxation where the physical, mental and energetic bodies are all three at ease. Only from this full release can we truly restore and re-energise the body and mind. We will use the breath to calm the nervous system and balance the energies in the body, preparing it to embrace meditation and relaxation. Guided, seated meditation to encourage the mind to quieten, to become more focused, to give you control over your thoughts, actions and reactions. Finally yog nidra, the powerful deep relaxation technique, to leave you completely at ease and fully energised post-practice. Blankets are recommended – get comfy!

Open Flow

Open flow is a combined ability class, focused around a particular theme (chakras, intentions, seasons, sometimes even current affairs). Incorporating breathwork, we will work through a variety of seated, standing, balancing and inverted poses to give attention to the entire body. In this class I offer many poses in stages – allowing you to take the expression of the posture that pleases your body on that day.

Restorative + Reiki

A delicious, slow class. Perfect for those seeking long-holds and deep relaxation. With a strong focus on conscious breathing we will work through a series designed to encourage release and relaxation. During these longer holds I will perform chakra clearing and energy enhancing reiki on each student. This class includes essential oils (optional, of course!), gentle music and dim lighting – perfect for everyone, especially those suffering from anxiety, stress, overactive mind.

Yoga for Athletes

Are you a runner? A football or rugby player? A regular weight-lifter? Fantastic. Sports has always been a huge part of my life and I love to see others enjoy it’s benefits. Yoga can actually improve your performance in your chosen sport. A focused practice designed to increase range-of-motion, open the body and calm the mind allows you more suppleness, better concentration and body control in your training. In particular, we’ll work on undoing any stiffness and muscle tension caused by sport’s repetitive actions, to keep you supple and moving smoothly.

Meditation & Breathwork

Intro to Meditation

There is a meditation technique for everyone. Yes, even you, who’s tried and tried to sit and still the mind. We all just need to discover what works for our body and our mind. In this class, we explore a different technique each week – all focused on stilling the thoughts, relaxing the body and creating a focused awareness. From breath-awareness to mantra chanting to chakra and crystal meditation, we’ll cover it all in a relaxed group atmosphere.

Trataka Practice

This is my favourite relaxation technique. Candle gazing is hugely beneficial for the eyes, soothing the mind and releasing tension from the body. Practiced at night (or in a dark room), trataka is a simple technique of gazing at a natural flame, visualisation and focusing the mind. This process is followed by 10-15 minutes of shavasana (corpse pose). It’s a gorgeous way to wind down for the evening. NOTE: not suitable for those who’ve recently had eye surgery. Contact lens and glasses wearers are asked to remove them for the practice (don’t worry, you’ll be sitting still!).

Yog Nidra

Ah, sleep yoga. Often thought of as a meditation, this is actually a deep relaxation technique. Lying on the back, the group is guided through the steps to relax the physical, breath and subtle bodies. Reaching the point between waking and sleeping, visualisation and intentions are brought to mind. It’s a hugely beneficial for all but especially those suffering from anxiety, depression, migraine, students and those dealing with burnout. Forty minutes of yog nidra practice can be as refreshing as four to five hours of sleep. An ancient technique, it was notably adopted by Napoleon during wartime and Albert Einstein.


Women’s Circle

Women have been gathering in circles for centuries. Why? Because it’s bloody hard work being a woman and, honestly, it’s not getting much easier. In a world that can feel predatory and disconnected, the aim of these gatherings is to support open conversation and community building. Meeting with women of a variety of ages and backgrounds allows us to share experiences and discuss common issues in a safe, supportive space. Sessions commonly include tarot, reiki, journalling/free-writing and actively releasing that in our lives which no longer serves us. As women are linked with the moon, I use the lunar stages to create purposeful themes for the gathering. Ideally the group will not be larger than twelve people.