Crystal Cheatsheet

I just posted a piece on why crystals aren’t magic, including a little bit about their mining background. But if you enjoy or think you could benefit from introducing crystals into your practice then here’s a little cheetsheat for you. Never forget, you’re the magic behind the stone!

Crystals Are Not Magic

Ok, let’s talk healing crystals. Every house seems to have at least one, Gwyneth suggests we stick them in our vaginas, Adele credits her Grammy’s to them; crystals are eeeehhv-rywhere. Testimonials have credited them with being life-changing, tapping into specific grounding energies to heal and magnify certain abilities or traits. But have we become a…

The Power of “I Don’t Know”

You see, if we don’t buy into all those labels we don’t see external gratification. We don’t seek to fill voids, to prove worth with things. Because, by simply being, we recognise ourselves as divinely, innately worthy and sufficient. Ciao capitalistic vultures preying on insecurities!

5 Steps to Align with your Creativity

I’m here to tell you – you work, you pay tax, maybe you look after dependents, you recycle, you help friends and strangers, you feed the birds and you pick up litter when you come across it. You are divinely entitled to set time aside for yourself.

Five Steps to Conscious Thinking

You are not your thoughts … Just sit with that if it’s new to you. How often do you create space between your Self and the running of the mind? Maybe not ever. If that’s the case, you’re caught in a cycle of action-reaction. Driven by the emotions and your past pain. This is human…