30 Day Meditation Journal

People think they’re ‘not that person’. Because they can’t dedicate an hour a day they think they ‘don’t have time’. And because their mind doesn’t fall in to silence immediately they believe ‘I can’t meditate’.

Be honest, is this you? If yes, AMAZING! You’re in the right place!

I put together this 30 day journal to show you that you can create your own practice that works for you. And it can be fun!

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Seed Cycling Explained

Seed cycling is using certain seeds at certain times of your cycle to promote the hormones at play during that stage of your body’s production. Doing this can help balance hormones and so ease PMS and menopausal symptoms, PCOS and endometriosis.

Those who are into seed cycling also tell that is helps with water retention, cellulite and hair quality. No, I’m not making this up! They’re not magic beans! It’s just good, old fashioned food as medicine.

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3 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Digestion

Keeping the digestion happy isn’t rocket science. In fact it’s so simple I think we’re confused it as unimportant. But if the digestion isn’t happy, nothing else in the body will be happy. So here’s three super-simple steps to gently guide your system back to balance.

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Are We Calling In What’s Already There?

Take for example manifestation. By realising we are animated cosmic energy, we’ll see that we don’t need the elaborate tools and rituals and crossed fingers to bring to realisation our desires.

We’d know we just need to step out of our own way. We have the potential to give it all to ourselves. The only limit is the one we impose on ourselves.

So what’s stopping us? Why are we so reluctant to be all we can be? To accept ourselves as expansive, limitless and whole. What would it take for us to let it all in?

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Lock in your practices – C.19 edition

Now. Now is the time. Use the momentum coming from this period of transition to put in place solid, authentic practices.

With four simple steps you’ll see the power you hold to move from a place of love. To delve into meditation or breathwork or writing. And to allow those tools to carry you through this time of uncertainty.

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Confessions of a Spiritual Jerk

*Carrie Bradshaw ponders, gazing out her window* – “I have to ask myself, rather than being helpful, have I just been a bit of a spiritual dick?”

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Conscious Play: Social Media

I am actively uplifted by the content I consume through my social media apps. No, honestly. I’m not sugarcoating. And you can too … it’s silly simple!

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Healing with the Divine Masculine

The collective pain body carried by women when it comes to men and the masculine energy is significant. So as we awaken and move forward, how to we find healing and balance and love in the divine masculine?

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5 Tips for an Epic Sober Christmas!

Whether want to kick the booze for good or are just looking to be more conscious in your alcohol consumption, this is for you!

Jump in for five simple but effective steps to enjoy a gorgeous, awakened holiday season.

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What is the shadow?

It’s really important that we have this one straight. This is a topic that gets twisted and misconstrued and used for other purposes all the time. We hear iterations of it from leaders of organised religion right down to the junior classroom. It’s communicated as bad, as nasty, as immoral, as evil, as dirty, as […]

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Find your Spiritual Path

I’m not even going to beat around the bush on this one.
Excuses. The reason you can’t get ‘into’ or commit to yourself and your true path is that you’re making excuses. That’s the short answer. Keep reading to get some tips on moving through them and into the goodstuff.

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What is a Dosha?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of wellness. It literally translates to the Science of Life. This system is different to the western model, which is focused on treating symptoms. Instead, ayurveda looks to balance the underlying issue before it becomes a disease. This is done by working with the individual’s dosha.

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