Hello beautiful,

Fourth Wave Yoga is the energy-child of me, Katie Clinton. Together we hold space to allow you to find your practice, that’s right for your body, and that feels good for you.

Yoga is for everybody. Yoga is for every body.

Me? I’ve taken the scenic-route through life. I left Sligo and home about a decade ago and, via Canada, India and SriLanka, I’ve finally found my way back.

It’s such a pleasure to bring my practice home.

So what’s my teaching style all about? I believe deeply in anatomically-informed practice. I do not believe one size fits all, and nor does one pose. When holding space with me you will be encouraged to explore the space you’re in. To own and make decisions through the practice, based on what is working for you.

We play differently … What works for you won’t necessarily work for me. And that’s fine!

I believe in accessible yoga. Yoga for those in tight bodies. Yoga for those in bigger bodies. Yoga for those in differently-abled bodies. Yoga for trauma survivors. Yoga for financially-challenged practitioners. Yoga, as a practice, is open. We don’t play with elitism here, friends.

My goal as an instructor is to encourage you to go a little deeper. To explore. To see that your body is the perfect yoga body for your practice.


I studied in Rishikesh, India – the yoga capital of the world. I was privileged to learn from true yogis and philosophers, steeped in cultural tradition. I take that seriously – I feel a strong sense of responsibility to be true to my teaching.

Since completing my teacher training course, I was fortunate enough to teach in Rishikesh itself, and SriLanka, before bringing the practice home. I’ve lead teacher training programmes and launched classes for brand new yogis.

I just love it all. Yoga has changed my life. It can change yours too. I’m just here to pull the curtain back a little bit for you.