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hello gorgeous,

I’m Katie and this is Fourth Wave Yoga. I’m so glad you’re here.

The driving mantra behind everything I do is ‘wellness is our absolute birthright’. No matter who or where we are, we all deserve to feel as well as we can in the bodies we’re in. I’m not only refers to physical well-being, but emotional and mental too. This became the force behind my yoga and meditation offerings when I saw just how simple the real tools of change are (we’re not confusing ‘simple’ with ‘easy though, ok?).

I swear. Every time I noticed a big step forward in my own healing, I’d look back and think, ‘why did nobody tell me it was so simple?!’

Since that very simple, life-changing realisation I’ve been asking one question – how can I put the power back into the hands of the individual? Because it’s you – yes, you! – who’s going to change your life, heal yourself and awaken your awareness.

Yes, even if you don’t have time to go to the fancy retreat.

Yes, even if you can’t afford the course with the famous teacher.

Yes, even if you don’t see yourself as ‘that person’.

Me? I’ve been coming at my ‘power to the individual’ beacon from different angles over the last three years. We are multi-faceted beings and need to recognise ourselves as such.

I’ve spent four months in Rishikesh with truly remarkable teachers and way-showers, learning about yogic philosophy, asana, meditation and breathwork. What I learned there became the bedrock of so much expansion and, in the end, I am nothing but a vessel for some of the most ancient teachings we know of.

I’m currently working my way through the Detour Method Online programme, to bring informed, sustainable movement to those who come to the mat with me. Here I learned the deepest respect for the physical body and how it works together to move us through those postures we think are ‘so simple!’. Yoga can quickly become by-rote movement. I have found when I know what’s happening, in what areas, I am more in my body as I move. Embodied. Present. And that’s the magic of yoga.

Finally, for now, I’m in my final year of an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor course which had blown my mind wide open. Ayurveda is a sister-science of yoga and the oldest known medical system. It’s focused on maintaining balance in the body; a balance that will be different for each person. I can’t get enough of this hyper-personalised approach to wellness. From food choices, habits and energetics, to specific mind-body types, to drawing the body back to balance from disease … I am so excited to be able to share more about this incredible practice. It’s changed my life.

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