30 Day Meditation Journal

Hello gorgeous,

If you’ve been around these parts for a while you’ll know I’m a big believer in meditation. It’s changed my life and I bow down at its feet.

But as with so, so much in the spiritual world, I believe meditation has become so layered that it can be intimidating to a new practitioner. And honey, we need the normie to get on this train!

Because of this view of the practice of meditation as elaborate, people think they’re ‘not that person’. Because they can’t dedicate an hour a day they think they ‘don’t have time’. And because their mind doesn’t fall in to silence immediately they believe ‘I can’t meditate’.

Be honest, is this you? If yes, AMAZING! You’re in the right place!

I put together this 30 day journal to show you that you can create your own practice that works for you. And it can be fun!

How it works

There’s a couple of elements that make up the journal that encourage consistency:

  1. Your ‘why’ – this is essential. You need to know why you’re showing up or you’re at the liberty of the ego the minute she pops up to tell you to skip practice. Sit down and really look at what is motivating this desire, what the intuition is saying, why you deserve this time. Make it solid and honest. I would also choose a practice length and add that in too.
  2. Your calendar – your visual motivation. Cross off the days, tick the boxes, give yourself little stars … whatever you like! Visual aids are so helpful in habit forming.
  3. Your time tracker – my personal favourite! This is where you log you minutes meditated. Each day you’ll see the total increase and soon you’ll have hours under your belt. Yes, you! The person who said, ‘I can’t meditate’ … I gotcha honeey!
  4. Your journal – this is where things get interesting. You can take prompts and put them into your own journal or print yourself 30 pages and commit to this one. The pre-practice feelings will be crazy intriguing to look back on – all those stories you tell yourself. The during will fluctuate massively (and always will!). And, oh, the after glow … that’ll bring you back tomorrow.


If you can, print her out. You can stick your calendar and minutes meditated in your practice space for inspiration! I’ve made the journal page downloadable separately so you can print as many as you like with no issues.

You could also use the prompts in your own journal if you’d prefer.

I will advise you partake in all elements of the journal to make the transition into this new practices easier.


This is something for you to decide but, depending on your experience I’d can advise:

Beginner: 5mins (week1 & 2), 7mins (week3), 10mins (week4)

Irregular practitioner: 7mins (week1 & 2), 10mins (week3), 15mins (week4)

Consistent practitioner: 15mins (week1 & 2), 20mins (week3), 30mins (week4)

As you can see, adding minutes will keep you challenged. But if you’re struggling at the level you’re working with, stay there for an extra week or for the whole thing! This is your practice, choose something you can be consistent with.


Honestly? My intention is that this becomes a lifelong practice. That this is day one of forever. But to do that, you need to form habit.

There’s varying opinions of how long it really takes to make or break a habit but, in my experience, consistent effort over four weeks gives really strong results.

Through that time you’ll have the ups and downs, the ego and the resistance, the complacency and the relapse. And through that you’ll come.

Four weeks is short enough to not be intimidating but long enough to give some structure. And the beauty of it? When you finish your 30 days you can go right back and begin again with more minutes!


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