Are We Calling In What’s Already There?

We’re a collection of old and new believers. Those born awakened and those rebounding from a fresh rock-bottom. We’ve got beliefs entrenched in the history that surrounds them, beliefs liberated from any time stamp. The ancient, the new concept, the eternal.

Together we’ve come through hundreds of thousands of years of experience. We’ve formed and ripped apart countless attempts. We’ve tried, we’ve failed, sometimes we even learned. We want, more than anything, to form certainty on a plane where everything is constantly changing.

Religion. Company. Country. A higher power than us.

Very easily we’re convinced to surrender to that which is ‘greater’. Something lasting. An unconscious attempt to dodge our own mortality, maybe.

So we begin to hand over decisions, little by little. Our innate curiosity gets selective, we don’t want to question too much. We want to believe that’s there’s a great orcestrator. That we’re not all out here flying by the seat of our pants. It’s comforting to know it’s not all on us. And before we know it we’re relying on this ideal to bolster and direct us.

I’ve little interest in talking about nationalism and not enough energy today for capitalism – two symptoms of the overall human condition. What’s playing across my mind this week is how the spiritual community, the gang of awakened, are still doing the same thing.

I’ve only really seen it in the last few days, maybe because I was ready to, who knows. Maybe I’ve been seeing it and not registering it. Either way it’s lingered on me.


In our community we talk a lot about manifestation, about cultivating an inner world, attaining Oneness and finding the Self. And when we talk about God we rarely use that word, we use Source, the Universe, Cosmic Energy, the Divine.

We surrender to it all. We move through resistance. We find stillness. We petition the Universe in manifestation. We ask Spirit to guide us through the cards. We chant to deities to embody their attributes.

Higher power, tell me what to do. Tell me how to be. Tell be where to go. You have wisdom and insight that I don’t because you can see the big picture. Because, somewhere inside, I don’t trust myself to know what to do.

This week this connection was made in my mind – is always calling in a higher power reaffirming that we are, in some way, out of the loop?


Because, and come with me down this rabbit hole of thought, we are all manifestations of the same universal energy, right? Each physical being we see and encounter is moved by the exact same lifeforce that fills you, your deepest love and your worst enemy. We’re all just having a different experience through this dance.

So that means that anything that is or was or will be is what enlivens our being right now. All the potential, all the lessons, all the learning. Imagine all the wisdom picked up by the ancestors available to us, because it’s in us. It’s part of us. Just as they are.

We are living breathing manifestations of everything that has taken place before we took conscious breath. Yet we pretend to be bystanders on the stage of life, so often pretending it’s happening to us rather than for us. For us to further learn and further expand and, so, be strong ancestors within the generations to come.

Now you might say, what does it matter? Inside or outside, the guides, Spirit, source are supportive. What’s your damage Heather?!


Of course, there’s no harm coming from the way we’ve been doing things. It’s amazing to see people become aware of the greater worlds around them. But what I think we’re leaving something on the table with this tact.

It feels like we’re skipping past some latent potential for more effective expansion. If we can realise that we contain all of this wisdom that can be called upon as intuition, we can fully begin to know our full power. In the realisation that we contain all the answers, all the means, all the guidance … honey, there’ll be no stopping us!

Take for example manifestation. By realising we are animated cosmic energy, we’ll see that we don’t need the elaborate tools and rituals and crossed fingers to bring to realisation our desires. We’d know we just need to step out of our own way. We have the potential to give it all to ourselves. The only limit is the one we impose on ourselves.

So what’s stopping us? Why are we so reluctant to be all we can be? To accept ourselves as expansive, limitless and whole. What would it take for us to let it all in?

What would it mean for the ego, the conditioned mind, our sense of Self and how we identify, our sense of ‘other’? What would it mean for the systems we’re surrounded by, the structures we live in? What would happen to all these elements we’ve put in place to try to force consistency on an ever-changing world?

Well, I suppose, the external change would reflect the inner. How much shit would we have to unload and make peace with before would could really see ourselves as limitless? As embodied love? As capable and worthy of anything?

So, ironically enough, it’s all in our hands.

K x

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