Lock in your practices – C.19 edition

We are in a time of immense transformation. Never in living memory has the collective taken a pause. The latent potential in this moment is incredible. When we come out the other side what choices will we make? How will our society look? How will our priorities have shifted?

The answers to these questions depend on how we engage with this time of evolution. Things aren’t going to change because we wish them to. They aren’t going to change because we really enjoyed the time off. Any change that happens reflects a change that took place at the heart of the individual.

That’s right love, in this time of confusion and upheaval and uncertainty, you’ve got to take the reigns of your own future more than ever before. The external needs guidance now; it’s off its well-worn tracks with powerful momentum at it’s back. It’s relying on the power of the internal to direct it and to use that forward-motion to expand.


The potential of this moment is huge. The change that occuring daily is enourmous. Society, as we know it, is dissolving. It can feel overwhelming. How on earth are we meant to guide *this*?!

It’s been my experience that the greatest shifts occur from small actions, accumulated over time. Like a butterfly flapping its wings triggering an avalanche on the other side of the world. Nothing we do is small or insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

So, in this time of evolution, we turn to small daily practices to guide our energy and reflect the result outward into the world. This is how we direct change.

Meditation, movement, grounding, writing, dance, tarot, breathwork, mantra … all snippets of the day where we are actively raising our frequency. And by the simple mechanics of manifestation, increased vibration internally will be matched externally. Like increases like and opposites detract.

Now is the time to embrace, to rely on, to surrender to these practices. It’s our job to, as often as possible, exist in this high way of being so that the world around us can form to it.


There will of course be times of fear or uncertainty or doubt. That is a basic root chakra response to what we’re moving through. The idea of stability that we’ve built ourselves over the last couple of centuries is being rocked.

The trick isn’t to push those feelings away as useless or ‘low’ or unworthy. That will only create resistance and spark contrast within you. And the ego, oooh honeey, she loves a row!

What we can do instead is welcome the emotions as they are. Feel the sensations they awaken within the body. Acknowledge them as completely valid. As you do this the emotional reaction will meld into you – not a seperate thing held apart by your judgement of it. And as you welcome and love on this reaction, this effort to save you from discomfort, you are taking the highest act of self love – the acceptance of your Self as a whole, darkness and light.

That is a high frequency act.


An instinct in times of stress is to withdraw in fear, away from all those acts that ‘open’ us. In times of threat we curl up, both physically and emotionally, and close ourselves down.

It can feel safer that way, peeking out at the chaos unfolding outside. Allowing life to happen ‘to’ you. But is that really living? Is that paving the way for your full potential to unfold? Ummmmm … no.

But it doesn’t have to be big and scary. It doesn’t have to begin with complete vulnerability. It can be as little as one small act each day. One conscious breath. One mental sweep across the inner landscape. One act of service driven by the intuition.

Small acts repeated over time equals big change. So whether you want to become a ‘master’ meditator or an ‘advanced’ yogi or a truly embodied version of yourself, these three steps can help you create a container for your practice.


This isn’t complicated but it can be confronting. There are two drivers of action – fear and love. The ego, the conditioned mind, energy manipulation are all fearful acts. And like increases like, right? So when we act from this mindset, even if it seems we’re ‘achieving’ we’ll never feel settled or secure in that success.

Fear makes a great motivator, ask anyone who’s had a ‘rock bottom’ moment, but the secret is to be able to pivot out of that mindset when we’ve taken all the energy we can from it. We’re not servants to our fear.

But love … love is openness and expansion and, most importantly, surrender. A love-driven action is one that is best for the highest good of the collective. And that will always be of the highest good for the individual – though when we’re in fear it’s hard to see that. And, sing it with me, like increases like. A loving act ripples outwards, gathering momentum on the way.

So what’s your ‘why’? Why do you want to learn these asana or this breathwork technique or chant these mantras? For the ‘gram … ok, why? To check them off a list … ok, why? To expand the Self … ok, why? This is your time to turn inwards, and to find the root driver behind these acts so that when you meet resistance you can return to it again and again.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Mine is the mantra ‘I am an open conduit for the highest good of all’. I allow this energy to guide all my actions, all my practices. She hasn’t steered me wrong.


If you have even a toe in the spiritual side of social media you’ll be surrounded by elaborate rituals, morning routines that take hours and seemingly monthly retreats.

Two thought on that. One, spirituality does not have to appear elaborate. You can be on the most stunning mountain-top in the Himalayas or you can be in a toy-strewn living room – the mind is the mind is the mind. Setting and schedule are nice but they are not essential.

Two, no two-hour morning routine began that way. They all began with one effort. Five minutes of journalling, ten minutes of stretching, one deep breath.

Beginning with a single, short practice is essential to sustainability and enjoyment – did nobody tell you this stuff is FUN?! This isn’t a one-day thing. She’s a lifestyle baby and getting your bum on the mat or pulling out that journal day after day is so much easier when you’re not staring down the barrel of a two hour practice.

I began with yoga asana, as so many do. But I have to say my first real practice was breathwork. Five minutes after every yoga session. Just five minutes. And in one month my life had begun to shift. I shit you not. I couldn’t believe it except I could SEE that the only new addition to my day was conscious breathing.

That’s another reason I advise starting with one practice – you can see if it works for you. We don’t all need EVERY technique. But if we’re dedicating time to six different efforts daily it’s really hard to see if we’re getting bang for our energetic buck.

So choose one. Choose the one that jumps out and grabs you. The one you’re most interested in. No, not the one you think it’s most photograph-able! The universe makes the tools most beneficial to us the most available to us. She’s cool like that. Listen to her.

When you’ve chosen, pick your time and pick your place. I like to do my practices at the same time daily. If I can’t, it’s not the end of the world, but I find consistency easier that way.

Then you’ve done the ground work. The stage is set. All you’ve got to do is, well do!


But wait, what’s this, you’re prepared, you got new yoga pants and a piece of citrine, you’re ready for evolution … but something is holding you back.

That’s the ego, boo, and you can be sure she’ll have something to say about all this.

Here’s the point most people give up. We all know meditation is good for us or that getting into nature first thing will calm us. It’s not the knowledge that’s the problem, we’re teeming in the stuff. It’s that we can’t separate our Selves from the ego and conditioning that’s made up most of our lives.

Want to know my secret trick? It’s pretty revolutionary and I haven’t shared it before …. y’ready?

When the resistance pipes up it’ll sound something like this …

‘Stay in bed, you need more sleep’

‘Ugh start tomorrow’

‘Are you really this person?’

‘Who do I think I am?’

And when that happens, BREATHE! That’s it. If you can interrupt this flow of thought with a single, conscious breath, you’re on the offensive. A second aware breath, you can create space between yourself and the thought. And a third conscious breath? Well then it’s all to play for baby, because you’re back in the driver’s seat and you get to choose.

Like with the fear mentioned above, don’t hate on the resistance. It’s normal. So much of our being doesn’t like change and it doesn’t know the good from the bad in shifting situations. It just sees ‘known’ and ‘unknown’. Be kind, acknowledge it and breathe into it.


You’ve felt the fear, you’ve listened to the intuition, you’ve embraced resistance. But I’m still not done! Because if we’re going to dedicate time every single day to a thing, well it kind of needs to be fun for me. If I can’t find a point of joy or reverence or just something that gives me a little inner smile every now and then, is it the one for me?

Now here again is an egoic opportunity to tell you, ‘nothing is happening, just give up!’. But before you throw the baby out with the holy water try this. If you’ve been thinking that your practice is something you have to do, can you flip it to something you get to do? Instant mindset shift before you go back and reaffirm yourself with your ‘why’.

What practice would you love to delve into? Use this time! This is the sign we’ve all been waiting for. Be sure to keep me posted on how you get on over on IG at @FourthWaveWellness!

K x

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