What is a Dosha?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of wellness. It literally translates to the Science of Life. This system is different to the western model, which is focused on treating symptoms. Instead, ayurveda looks to balance the underlying issue before it becomes a disease. This is done by working with the individual’s dosha.

A dosha is a combination of qualities that are present in the human body. There are three doshas, each with a different balance of qualities and elements. They are vata, pitta and kapha.

Just as every snowflake is slightly different, we all have a slightly different constitutional makeup. We use the three doshas as a helpful catchall to identify the tendencies that are most present in our body.

Once we know the qualities and tendencies that are at play we can actively prevent disease and complications with our health.

It’s important to remember that ayurveda is a holistic medicine. It the doshas incorporate energetic (subtle) and mental factors, as well as physical.

The qualities present in the body are called gunas and are made up of ten pairs of opposites. These gunas can be applied to everything – your food, your skin, your dog, a tree, the wind, Source. Everything!

It’s a completely different way of looking at the world than our western minds are use to.

  • The fiery and intense Pitta type may enjoy the occasional power trip. She will devour a mountain of food with ravenous hunger and yet be ready to eat again when it comes to the next meal. That digestive fire is REAL!
  • In contrast, a delicate Vata can never seem to get warm. She will nibble, snack, and graze her way through the day, and she may feel the need to rest often. She’s also inclined to talk about a number of diverse subjects, probably repeating herself more than once. Vata has never met a rabbit hole they didn’t like!
  • The contented Kapha type may, with great deliberation, consume three pieces of cake. She will spend quality time curled up on a couch making phone calls to loved ones with uplifting, motherly advice.

Want to know more?

Take my Discover your Dosha quiz and see which dosha is dominant in your body. Then follow the link to get details on how to keep yourself in balance in a holistic, natural way – zero supplements or medications.

Keep your dosha happy, baby!

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