My Call to Arms

Here’s the thing, gorgeous, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness is your birthright simply because you’ve manifested on this plane.

Plain and simple, that’s just the fact.

How does reading that make you feel? How has the ego reacted? Does that seem ridiculous or naieve of me to say? Ah ha, that’s the drive behind my purpose. That reaction of lack or worthlessness or fear is the reason I get out of bed and play in these arenas.

Because as a collective we’ve had our power stripped away. The capitalist system thrives off of our feeling unworthy. Governments run on our fear. Those who feel isolated are easier to keep in line.

Fuck that.

The time is now and we are seeing a global shift towards awakening. It’s time to live our universal connection and begin to thrive again in community and driven by intuition.

You know what they don’t want you to realise? You have the power to change your life. You have the power to elevate above the conditioned day-to-day rat race. And you definitely have the power to alter this plane that we exist on.

The Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, the badass Ruth Bader Ginsberg … pick your leader and I’ll tell you they are normal people. They were born to a mother, they played as children, they moved through karma and they followed their instincts. They did not wait for power – many of them never searched for it either. They stepped into the power that is innate to them.

That’s what following your purpose looks like. That power and alignment and ability to serve is within each one of us. Can you image if none of us got detoured on the path to our dharma? Imagine the world we’d live in with no limiting beliefs.

We’re not there now, but we can be. We are a collective. The more individuals who live and breath and exist in their truth and align themselves with their innate goodness, the faster the whole group will shift.

It’s your job to evolve yourself.

By not engaging with the experiences needed in your ascension, you’re being selfish. How does the ego feel about that?

This external world, our secondary viewpoint, has so invaded our consciousness that we lost sight that growth is possible. We’ve been looping the same day for decades and calling it living. That doesn’t benefit you. It doesn’t benefit the group. It benefits the matrix – that which formed this capitalist, divided social structure in the first place.

We are designed to hold community and be vulnerable within it. Would you ever tell a deer it’s too dependent on its herd? Community is the reason humans survived this long.

We are designed to recognise the duality of life – that we have two viewpoints onto the world. We have the conditioned mind/external perception and the higher Self perception.

We are designed to live with ease. We are the universe made manifest. Why would complete consciousness choose to suffer?

But we don’t evolve by force of will or by ignoring the conditioning and the trauma and the karma. We move through that to grow. Harder? Oh yeah. But infinitely more authentic.

I am a fiery pitta Dosha. I am an earthy Taurus. I am an unlifting Projector. I have no desire to keep the tools of freedom and growth secret. It’s my hope that we all reach for what is already ours. Wellness. Awareness. Connection.

And to facilitate that it my dharma, my soul’s purpose and my reason for being. Thank you for having me, you gorgeous, shiny thing you.

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