Reading List

The materials, resources and greatness that’s helped me on my journey. It’s a mixed bag and there’s surely something for everyone. Pick your poison, baby.

Where possible please support your local, independent book shops when filling your shelves. They don’t have it? I’ve never met a book shop that won’t try to order a title in. Otherwise there’s a number of great online options. Basically, fuck Amazon.


A New Earth – recommended for everyone!

Before you read anything else … actually, before you do anything else … read this. It’ll change the game. Tolle gives countless practice techniques to foster self-awareness, crack the ego and free the conditioned mind.

Four Chapters on Freedom – those deepening their yogic practice

Yogic philosophy is deep to say the least. Whether you’ve been going it alone or just come out of your 200hr, this is a gorgeous book to begin to link all the concepts and put it all together. FCOF is a commentary on the Sutras, meaning it fleshes out and explains what Patanjali was talking about. It’s the best one I’ve come across by far.

Awareness – for the new spiritual seeker

If you’re starting out on your spiritual journey, this is a great one. When I say it’s good for new seekers, don’t mistake it for shallow. Awareness is profound but delivered in a very accessible way – the manuscript of given speeches. A lovely one to set you up for Tolle’s concepts.

WWRWW – those connecting with their Feminine

Not just for women! Everyone could do with this on their shelf. Through science and storytelling, WWRWW can reconnect you with the depth and power of the woman as she exists across cultures. The soul, the Source and the intuition all feature heavily. It’s a powerhouse of a book and it feels that way as you read it.

The Four Agreements – those who need direct instruction

TFA is literally a guide book. If you find spiritual practice a bit abstract, Ruiz is here to tell you exactly what to do. It’s quick, easy and powerful. Don’t think that means it’s weak – if you do what you’re told and follow the four steps your life can change dramatically. Ask around, someone in your circle has a copy, I’d put money on it.

Nonviolent Communication – those healing relationships

This one isn’t spiritual, it’s massively practical. Your ability to deal with yourself and others hugely impacts how you move through life. You get what you give. NVC is all about methods to rewire how you use your communication abilities to connect rather than to distance. Absolute game-changer for those healing from trauma in particular.

Vagina – those who have anything to do with vaginas

Whether you have one or just enjoy being in their company, you need to be reading this. This isn’t spiritual or self-help. This is what you should have learned in secondary school, y’know, when you learned so much about penis and then that was kind of it. It’s equally funny, sad, informative and shocking – mainly because how was I only learning this stuff about my body in my late twenties?!

Wheels of Life – anyone into chakras & the subtle body

The world of chakras is a minefield. There’s contradictory information everywhere. Chakras exist in the subtle/energy body. They are not present in the physical body themselves – they’re mirrors through which the SB manifests onto the physical body. Still with me? Ok you need this book. It’s a tome of information. You won’t need another chakra bible.

OA&ER – for inclusive feminists (that should be all everyone)

This is a collection of short stories. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be fucking pissed off by the end. But it’s an important one that’s stood the test of time. Steinem is a force. Get it, read it, take action.

WINLTTWPAR – for white people

Are you white? Get this. Read this. I’m not going to sell it to you. It’s time. Stow your ego and get to your work.

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