Chakra Cheat-Sheet

So, this week I wound up the chakra series that became known as #ChakraMonday. Every week, in both flow and meditation, we worked through the chakras – sharing some information, getting some heat in the body and sitting in concentration. It came to be one of my favourite block of classes.

But the world of chakras is broad, and not everyone made every single class. Having gotten to know all these lovely yogis, and because I can talk about this stuff all day, I wanted to make a chakra cheat-sheet for those yogis who missed a class.

But, wait. If I’m going to do it, let’s do it right. I want any of you who may have an interest, but not much information, to be able to check this cheat-sheet out and have doors of further-reading open up to them.

So here it is. Yep, right below. It’s a pdf document to get it on your phone. It’s totally free. Get that info!!

But wait! There’s a whole WORLD of chakra information out there. It’s ex-pan-sive. And this little cheat-sheet will open up more questions for you. So here’s the deal. I’m beginning to work on a Chakra e-book. A one-stop-shop for all the information I’ve gathered on the subject – what’s the deal with chakras and elements? Chakras and the endocrine system? Wait, what reeeeally are chakras?

Yeah, so these are the things I’m looking to get into. It’ll be light. And hopefully be up and available soon. I’ll keep you posted!

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